Ornate Security Fencing Gives Your Premises a Classy Look

Published: 26th July 2011
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Ornate security fencing provides a hard wearing, secure, safe and stylish fencing to your home and premises. The classy look that this type of fencing provides the perimeter with, adds that zing to the house. A large variety of ornate fencing styles are available and could be installed around the premises. The decorative style provided by the fencing can only be completed with a matching gate.

If you are looking for a stylish and classy looking fence to blend in with the architecture of your home and garden premises, then ornate security fencing is the perfect fit. The fencing is available with different names, but serves the same purpose, mainly that of providing an eye-catching decorative finish and a secure border for the property.

The tops of the ornate security fencing are available in various shapes that you can choose from. The most popular among them are the Surf, Wave, Convex and Concave finials. Some also have spear shape tops or ball finials. Several other varieties are available as well. Almost all types of designs come with matching gates.

The ornate security fencing provides an excellent alliance of strength and decoration. Rightly chosen, they could offer an aesthetically pleasing boundary to any private or commercial property. Specially made ornate security fencing is available for schools and parks that small children frequently use for playing. These designs are child friendly and finished with ball finials or rounded bow at the top to pose less hazardous to would-be climbers.

If you are looking for traditional designs of the bow type urban top for ornate security fencing, then these are also readily available. These are available in different thickness and heights. The bow shaped urban tops will perfectly compliment the traditional look of your property. For fencing the children's play areas, parks and schools, smaller bow tops are available, preventing hands and necks from getting trapped in the bows.

The vertical bar railings that make up the ornate security fencing could be chosen to be either solid or hollow. This is decided by the level of security required around the premises and also by the cost. The hollow bars have the advantage of being available in larger gauges and at economical prices. However, the surface finish in all the cases is either galvanised or galvanised and polyester powder coated.

Several manufacturers make ornate security fencing with a surface finish conforming to the BS, EN and ISO standards. This gives an assurance about the quality of the ornate security fencing that you are buying for protecting your home and property. Since the fencing is exposed to the weather conditions at all times of the year, surface finish that protects the fencing becomes very important.

All in all, most other security fencing are meant to be unobtrusive and expected to blend-in with the environment. In perfect contrast, ornate security fencing is meant to be seen and admired; their design, therefore, has to be carefully selected from the available variety to compliment the design of the property or premises that is being protected.

If you require security fencing for your premises, Zaun Limited are expert manufacturers and installers of different types of high quality fencing such as ornate and electric fencing.

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